The Center for Diversity & Inclusion is pleased to release the My Truth Series. This series contains daily blogs and videos that will be released throughout the week of April 29, capturing the lived experiences of diverse students at Hope College.

The comments contained in the videos are those of the respective Hope College students and do not necessarily represent the views of Hope College. If you choose to comment, please follow Hope’s Virtues of Public Discourse. Comments that do not follow the Virtues of Public Discourse will be deleted.

Jairus is a Class of 2024 Biological Sciences Major and Peace and Justice Minor. This exceptional senior was involved in: the Asian Student Union, Prism, Student Congress, and the International Relations Club. Jairus plans to pursue a master’s degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology.

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  1. Jairus Ozara Zebulun Meer’s truth resonates deeply, offering a glimpse into a rich tapestry of experiences. An authentic voice worth following for its honesty and insight.

  2. Jairus Ozara Zebulun Meer’s truth resonates deeply, offering a powerful narrative that invites introspection and empathy. A compelling read that leaves a lasting impact.

  3. Wow, such an inspring words and truth.👏 👏👏
    You are such a blessing and inspiration to people around you.

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