Professor Emeritus John Yelding is the best person for helping us recall the legacy of Martin Luther King, and for engaging us in an interactive exercise of what it means to actively invest ourselves into making King’s Legacy a reality in our time.

Alfredo M. Gonzales
Associate Provost Emeritus
and Emeritus Dean for International  and Multicultural Education

The 2024 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Lecture at Hope College included national as well as local perspective in this keynote speech. Hope Professor Emeritus John Yelding, a specialist in diversity in education who continues to be active at the college as a professor and mentor, presented “Reflections on MLK, Civil Rights, and DEI at Hope College” on Monday, Jan. 15 in Dimnent Memorial Chapel. The lecture recording starts at 10:25 in the video.

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  1. Thank you for sharing insights from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Lecture. It’s inspiring to see how Professor Emeritus John Yelding uses his expertise in diversity to keep MLK’s ideals alive and relevant. The blend of national and local perspectives must have enriched the lecture greatly. I’m looking forward to watching the recording and gaining more understanding on how Hope College contributes to these important conversations.

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