Summer research students continue development of the JanDY survey system

The student team of Evan Altman, Michael Kiley, and Mark Powers presented their summer work on JanDY on Thursday, July 14. JanDY is the web survey system used at Hope each semester to administer the Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching; JanDY is named for Janet Andersen and Mary DeYoung, two former members of the …

Students work on budgeting app for Ready for Life students

The team of Natalie Boardway, Joanie Davis, and Meredith Lind, under the direction of Dr. Jipping, has been working hard developing an iPhone app to teach money budgeting skills to adults with cognitive disabilities. We meet with our client roughly every two weeks. This arrangement allows the client to see the progress we’ve made so far and give input. It also gets the client thinking about additional operations he or she would like to see. These meetings are especially helpful for talking through how the app will be used and what operations would be beneficial to everyday usage.

The group has provided an update on their progress to date.