Caleb Tallquist named winner of the 2020 Computer Science Senior Prize

“A high achiever who is unable to internalize and accept their success. They often attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than to ability, and fear that others will eventually unmask them as a fraud.”  This is how Kirsten Weir described the imposter phenomenon (often called imposter syndrome) in an American Psychological Association article about graduate […]

Jori Gelbaugh (’20) honored with Computer Science Department Service Award

Jori Gelbaugh ’20 approaches everything in her life the same way – with passion and by putting her whole self into her work and relationships.  Her passion allowed her to pursue and excel in a variety of activities during her years at Hope College.  Some of these activities are familiar to many in the Hope […]

Class of 2016 – Josh Hubers

Congratulations to Josh Hubers, class of 2016!  After graduation, Josh be working for SpringHill Camps as their IT intern for two months while working with student Ben Schipper to start up their own company. In the latter role, Josh will be a software engineer and the lead developer for Morpheus Scheduling.

Class of 2016 – Jeff Holmes

Congratulations to Jeff Holmes, class of 2016!    Jeff will be working for Apex Controls in Hudsonville as a Control Systems Engineer starting in late May 2016. He will be working on both the hardware and software of developing custom automated solutions for various customers.  Jeff will also be responsible for helping to install the machines […]

Class of 2016 – Jonathan Dunbar

Congratulations to Jonathan Dunbar, class of 2016!   After graduation he will be working as a software developer for Hex Innovation, a company founded by Hope CS graduates Timothy Cooke and John Stathakis. Jhon will continue the work he has been doing already at Hex, focusing on front-end web development using the ReactJS framework, but also doing […]