A screen shot of the Bilancio app's budget overview screen.
The Bilancio app’s budget overview screen.

On Thursday, July 14, the student team of Natalie Boardway, Joanie Davis, and Meredith Lind presented their summer work on Bilancio, an iPhone app they developed under the guidance of Dr. Mike Jipping.  Bilancio is designed to help Ready for Life students learn to budget and manage money.

The students presented their work to a group of software developers from Atomic Object, Collective Idea, Lean Logistics and SpinDance.  After the presentation, the students, faculty, and professionals enjoyed getting to know each other over lunch.

The team did a great job, and is wrapping up their work the week of July 18 – 22. Bilancio should be available on the App Store by the end of the summer, and will be utilized in the Ready for Life classrooms this fall.

Here’s the students’ full presentation:

Here’s a short demo video the students put together if you’re looking for a quick watch (this video is included in the full presentation video)

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