Monday, May 16 marks the start of the summer research season for 2016.  This year two teams of students will be working on two application development oriented projects.

Professor Mike Jipping will be directing a project that will build iPhone apps to teach money budgeting skill to adults with cognitive disabilities.  This app will teach skills by enabling practice, using simulations, and working with actual money.

The app’s users will be able to practice all aspects of earning, receiving, and spending money. The app will allow the user to work with categories of spending, such as rent, utilities, and groceries, and will help the user be aware of limitations of their weekly spending habits.  To goal will be for the app to be released on the Apple store by the end of the summer.

Students Natalie Boardway, Joanie Davis, and Meredith Lind will be working with Professor Jipping to develop the app.

Professor Ryan McFall will be joined by students Evan Altman, Michael Kiley, and Mark Powers, who will work on the development and testing of the Jandy survey system, the software that runs the Student Assessment of Learning and Teaching (SALT) course evaluation system on Hope’s campus.  The students are building upon a version of Jandy built on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).  As with most things in the world of technology, GWT has become outdated, and so the students are porting the system to a modern web development environment, in particular AngularJS.

The teams will get the summer started by attending the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference on May 16, and then begin work on the 17th.  Keep your eyes open for updates!

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