Unpacking the Complexity of Communication

Humans often communicate multiple meanings or messages in a single communicative act. Adding to this complexity, when humans communicate, we do so through various media, symbols, materials, and designs.

The faculty in the Communication Department are wholly committed to helping students understand the complexity of communication and thus enabling students to better analyze the communication they receive and better create communication for their intended audiences. Moreover, Hope’s Communication Department is committed to the seamless integration of theory and hands-on experience as students explore the complexity of communication.

For example, every semester the students in Dr. Anderson’s Comm 101 course take a walking tour of some of the public memorials in Holland, MI. Pictured above is the “Tribute to the People” mural, designed by artist Jose Narezo in the late 1980s and painted by Hope’s Upward Bound participants. It is located off of River and 9th St. in downtown Holland. The mural shows the heritage of the Latino community in Holland, with the flag representing the unity of the nation, the indigenous face of mother earth, a stylized sun as the source of all life, and maize – the food staple of many in Central and South America. Students research the monuments, explain how they can be interpreted as “texts”, how they are multivocal, and how the material and design contribute to their meaning.

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