Thinking about Grad School?

Nineteen percent of Hope College’s 2017 graduating class started graduate school this Fall! Hear from a recent Communication Major as she begins her graduate school experience.

Leah Murray (2016) enrolled this year in Syracuse University’s online Masters of Communications program. Reflecting on her education at Hope College, Ms. Murray commented that the communication theories she learned during her undergraduate coursework has helped her excel on her tests at the graduate level. Ms. Murray specifically noted that Dr. Dibble’s guidance answering questions and pushing students to really challenge themselves helped her prepare for her future in Communication fields.

Students who major in Communication at Hope College are well-positioned to attend graduate school in programs such as Communication (rhetoric, public relations, journalism, broadcasting, cinematography, etc.), Law School, Business School, Human Resources, Psychology, Social Work, Student Development, and Seminary. Graduate schools often have early application due dates, so talk with your advisor about graduate school early in the Fall semester of your Senior year if not before!


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