Comm @ National Communication Conference

Each November, Communication faculty from across the country gather together to share research, teaching strategies, and commune together at the National Communication Association’s annual conference. This year the conference is hosted in Salt Lake City, UT, and Dr. Marissa Doshi,  Dr. Sarah Kornfield, and Comm Major Emily Wolfe are representing Hope College’s Communication Department!

Dr. Doshi rocked this conference with multiple sessions, events, and research presentations. For example:

  • Dr. Doshi co-authored award winning research with Josh Barbour and Leandra Hernandez. Their research, “Telling Global Public Health Stories: Narrative Message Design for Issues Management,” was selected as the winner of the 2018 Bill Eadie Distinguished Article Award by the Applied Communication Division of the National Communication Association.
  • Dr. Doshi led an intensive seminar for other faculty, “Revising the Playbook: Decolonizing the core Communication Curriculum,” which focused on how faculty can build courses that are more representative, globally engaged, just, and reflective of the mindful diversification in communication studies
  • Dr. Doshi presented her research. “Hybridizing National Identity: Reflections on the Media Consumption of Catholic Women in Urban India”
  • And Dr. Doshi presented her research, “How We Played with Food: Exploring Stories about Food and Identity through Performative Practices.

Additionally, Dr. Doshi presented her co-authored research with Comm Major Emily Wolfe. This research was funded, in part, through Hope’s Towsley Award.

  • Emily Wolfe and Dr. Doshi discussed the ways in which millennial women use Instagram to build, maintain, and reinforce friendships with one another.  They focused on women’s ingenious practices and media savvy in navigating this online platform, demonstrating how women harness this digital forum in meaningful ways.

Dr. Sarah Kornfield worked throughout this conference to represent Hope’s research-forward focus and Liberal Arts mandate. For example:

  • Dr. Kornfield presented her research on how television presents pregnant bodies in two different ways. First, Dr. Kornfield presented research, “Televisual Pregnancy Beauty,” featuring her recently published article in Feminist Media Studies.
  • The second way Dr. Kornfield presented her mediated pregnancy research was through her research presentation, “Performing Televisual Pregnancy.”
  • Dr. Kornfield also promoted excellence in the Liberal Arts through her forum presentation, “Faculty Labor at Liberal Arts Colleges,” in which she represented the unique role of the Communication discipline within a Liberal Arts undergraduate academy.

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