10 Under 10: Comm Grad Alison Garza ’10

Ms. Alison Garza

Alison Garza graduated with a Communication Major from Hope College in 2010 and is being honored this weekend with the Distinguished Alumni Award! Ms. Garza is currently based in Amman, Jordan, where she helps humanitarian organizations in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan resettle refugees and internally displaced persons affected by war.

Reflecting on the Communication courses she found most influential, Ms. Garza writes that Comm 330: Organizational Communication “introduced me to the nuanced world of internal communications. Each classmate took a personality test and learned their leadership type, further opening up classroom discussions on how a thorough understanding of the makeup of individuals in an organization can impact an organization’s overall health.”

Ms. Garza specifically recalls the importance of understanding “the power of words” and an influential meeting with Dr. Herrick during office hours. Ms. Garza states, “I remember visiting Dr. Herrick’s office to discuss my final research paper on cartography. He encouraged my thinking with probing questions as I wrestled through the historical, social, and political influence that maps have had on our society. The time Dr. Herrick took to listen to, and to validate my thoughts encouraged my research and writing abilities; both of which I rely on to this day to create well-informed reports.”

Ultimately, Ms. Garza reflects on her Hope College experience and her Communication Major, stating, “Hope College provided me with the analytical tools necessary to engage in cross-cultural, fragile context settings by encouraging me to ask questions and think critically about the world around us.”

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