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The National Communication Association (NCA) held their 2022 research convention in New Orleans. Representing the Communication Department at Hope College’s culture of excellent research, Drs. Marissa Doshi, Patrick Gentile, and Sarah Kornfield attended this national research conference.

Dr. Doshi’s research draws on feminist perspectives to examine the creative and cultural dimensions of media and technology use.

Recognizing her extraordinary research, NCA’s Ethnography Division’s awarded Dr. Doshi the Early Career Award. This award recognizes Dr. Doshi’s contributions to communication scholarship in digital culture.

Dr. Doshi receiving the 2022 Early Career Award.

Dr. Sarah Kornfield was honored to chair a panel regarding Rhetorical Criticism pedagogy that specifically responded to her new book, Contemporary Rhetorical Criticism (2021). Dr. Kornfield also presented four different research projects, including her recent publication, “Televising Popular Feminism” (2022).

Dr. Sarah Kornfield and her new book, Contemporary Rhetorical Criticism (Strata, 2021).

Dr. Patrick Gentile is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Hope College. His research focuses on sports and intercultural communication. Dr. Gentile presented two research projects, focusing on the coverage of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the linguistic acculturation experiences of Latino Minor League Baseball (MiLB) players in the U.S. south.

Dr. Patrick Gentile

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  1. Drs. Doshi, Kornfield, and Gentile are premiere! We in the Hope Comm Dept are lucky to call you our professors!

  2. What an amazing record by three outstanding colleagues! Their accomplishments are additional proof that Hope College offers a premier undergraduate learning experience in the field of communication. Thank you Drs. Doshi, Gentile and Kornfield for your commitment in preparing our students to create and share meaning for the common good.

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