If you have ever stepped foot inside a library or bookstore or tried looking for a book to read online, you may have struggled with where to even start when it comes to finding a good book that will be a good fit for you. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks you can try to narrow down your options!

1. Start with a genre:

Looking at rows and rows of books can be intimidating, but narrowing your selections down to a genre or two that speak to you at the moment can be a way to start lessening the number you look at. If you are not feeling great about any books in the genre you usually read or are trying to select from, move on to another one! You’ll never know if you like a genre if you do not try reading a few selections from it.

2. Continue reading your favorite authors:

If you long for a book that fits you, try reading other books from the authors you already know and love. Often, they may have some lesser-known books that you may not find in every bookstore, but they could still interest you. You can also look into what writers inspired your favorite authors or who they are compared to in reviews.

3. Ask for recommendations:

Asking for recommendations is a great way to see what others around you are currently loving. Online platforms like #Booktok can be a great way to meet and get suggestions from other readers. Instagram and Facebook have great communities or influencers that could inspire you to read a book you would never have heard of otherwise. Goodreads is an excellent resource for getting book recommendations. On Goodreads, you can see what others think of books and look at reviews to see if a book you have heard of may interest you. After you read a book, you can also help by reviewing books for others! Goodreads also offers lists like this Best Books of 2023 List that may help you find new things to read!

4. Judge a book by its cover:

As much as the phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” has become universal, in this case, you totally can! Sometimes, the best reads are the ones you randomly find in your local bookstore that stick out to you for one reason or another. Look at displays that librarians or workers have put together and see what looks interesting to you.

5. Pick a story based on a country:

If you are interested in reading more from a specific country or are looking for a random book you may have yet to find, you can use Whichbook’s world map setting to find a book recommendation from across the world. This tool recommends books based on their settings, allowing you to explore diverse cultures and perspectives you may not have looked at otherwise. Click Here to try it out for yourself!

6. Find an award-winning book:

If you want to ensure you get a good quality book, looking for one with an award or award nomination could be an excellent place to start. There are countless award lists to look at, but some to begin with could be Pulitzer Prize (for Fiction and Nonfiction),
John Newbery Medal, Women’s Prize for Fiction, The Booker Prize, or the Michael Printz Award. New and upcoming authors and books often end up on these lists, which can be a great way to find a great book before it becomes super popular.

7. Trust yourself!

All of these tools are great, and their recommendations can be useful, but in the end, each person has their own taste. What others may rave about for months may be disappointing to you when you read it, and your favorite book may be underrated because it fits your specific taste and no one else’s.

These tips and tools can be a great starting point, but in the end, trust yourself, and you may find a new favorite book! Your reading preferences are as unique as you are, and what resonates with one reader may not necessarily appeal to another. Embrace your individual taste and trust that you will discover the perfect book.

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