Last week we announced our new podcast, Behind the Read, a podcast offering listeners insights and perspectives on all that goes into, around, and behind the act of reading. Our host and program director, Dr. Deb Van Duinen, will talk about all things reading, literacy, and books with friends of the Big Read Lakeshore.

Podcasts are perfect for a commute to work, running errands, or completing chores. There are podcasts for all topics or interests. Check out a few podcast recommendations to prepare you for the launch of our new content! 

How I Built This: 

How I Built This with Guy Raz : NPR

This podcast is hosted by Guy Raz from NPR. Raz interviews different entrepreneurs and innovators to learn how their companies became successful. Many memorable brands and companies are featured like Kate Spade, Airbnb, the Clif Bar, and many more. I enjoy learning about creativity and perseverance when creating a business. 

Grammar Girl: 

Grammar Girl :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

Grammar is certainly a challenging subject and takes a lot of attention to detail. These short podcasts offer hundreds of topics ranging from active vs. passive voice to homonyms to point of view. Mignon Fogarty hosts this podcast in hopes of creating better writers. 

Nice White Parents: 

Introducing: Nice White Parents - The New York Times

One of my college professors assigned this short 5 episode podcast for homework one of my semesters at Hope College. This podcast is about integration in schools and the impact of “nice white parents” in schools. The host Chana Joffe-Walt investigates a school in Brooklyn from its founding to its present. 

Crime Junkie: 

Crime Junkie Podcast | Crime Junkie Podcast

This podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat is one of my favorites for long drives to and from school. Crime Junkie showcases the power of storytelling and investigative skills and is one of the top true crime podcasts. 

Stuff You Should Know: 

Stuff You Should Know | iHeartRadio

Stuff You Should Know offers episodes with a variety of topics. Are curious about why toothpaste and orange juice do not mix, how fireflies and lightning bugs work, or what causes inflation? My siblings and I like sharing fun facts and I always learn something new when I listen to this podcast. 

Comment below with some of your favorite podcasts to listen to and subscribe to Behind the Big Read wherever you get your podcasts! 

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