This year’s book selection and details about our upcoming programming will be announced in just two days. We are excited to share our chosen book and begin our conversations around this year’s themes. 

It will be the Big Read and Little Read’s ninth year headed by our director Dr. Deb Van Duinen and we’re honored to have been awarded the Community Impact Partner of the Year by Michigan Humanities. You can read more about this honor in this Hope College press release. Our program’s success is made possible by all of our many community partners and Lakeshore readers and we look forward to another exciting program this November. 

We often get questions about how we choose the books we do. Our first response is that because we apply for an NEA Big Read grant each year, we have to choose from one of the books on their list. If you’re interested, you can see their book list here.

In terms of choosing a book from the given list, we have a Title Selection committee who reads through all the books on the list (the NEA Big Read list changes every year) and then chooses a book based on: topic, theme, genre, setting, author availability, programming possibilities, cost of book, Little Read book connections, and so on.  

We’re so excited about our 2022 book choices and can’t wait to share them with you! On June 15, keep an eye on your email, our website and social media for our big announcement! 

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