Andrew Silagi

Andrew Silagi: On Tuesday, November 14, author and illustrator Jerry Craft spoke at Hope College in front of hundreds of students. It was a joy to hear the students cry out at Craft’s mention of a time before there was internet and watch with wide eyes how he turned a bunch of seemingly random shapes into cartoons of Snoopy and Sonic.

There is no denying that Jerry has a way with kids, and it is so important that he is bringing unique stories like New Kid to West Michigan’s middle readers. I had the pleasure of picking up Jerry from the airport, and I’m excited to say that he is soon to release the first book in a new series, which he says is nothing like his first one. Stay tuned!

Lucas Wiersma

Lucas Wiersma: Hi! My name is Lucas Wiersma, and I am a Junior at Hope studying Special Education and Spanish! I had the privilege of joining one of my education field placements at the Big Read Lakeshore event with Jerry Craft. Not only was I impressed by his amazing accomplishments, but the resounding enthusiasm from the students from the surrounding schools made this experience so much fun. Jerry Craft engaged with the kids, spoke about his amazing books, and told his story of how he went from reluctant reader to a famously celebrated author. This Big Read event was such a treat for the students and teachers who attended, and I am so grateful to have been able to join them.

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