Spotlight on Student’s 490 Theatre Project: THE CONSEQUENCES OF A MIRACLE

Zandra Paxton is a senior at Hope College who has been an active member of the theatre program here at Hope since freshman year. She participated in theatre all throughout high school but did not come to Hope initially as a theatre major. After taking a couple of theatre classes her freshman year, she “fell […]

Spotlight on Student Project: WHAT I WOULD TELL YOU

Katy Smith, a current sophomore at Hope College and active in the Theatre Department, has been writing “since [she] could hold a crayon.” During her senior year of high school, she began a new project—a play. Over the past two years, Katy has written and rewritten this piece, scrapping entire scenes and changing characters’ personalities. […]

From DeWitt to Broadway: A Creative Community and its Fight Against a Pandemic

Curtain rises: the date is March 11, 2020; A.K.A, the day Hope students first saw the words “Campus Health | Important Updates from Hope College” in their email inbox. In this email was a message from our President, Matthew Scogin, explaining that all students were to move out of their dorms and return home by […]

Guest Artist Johamy Morales Leads Shakespeare Workshop

The Hope College Theatre Department was fortunate enough to have our guest director for the spring production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Johamy Morales, lead a workshop for students during the week of October 20. Johamy will be spending time in 2020 with the cast in preparation for the production, but she was able to give […]

Spotlight on Student Projects: THE “S” WORD

All seniors who graduate from Hope College with a theatre degree are required to do one of two things: complete an internship or create a project, known as a 490. Megan Clark, a triple major in theatre, education, and history, has always known she would finish up her career at Hope with a 490 project. […]

Off-Campus Spotlight: Ben Douma ’20, Los Angeles

It’s been quite an experience to move off of Hope’s campus for the fall semester and immerse myself in LA’s Hollywood industry. It’s pretty different out here, but I personally enjoy this environment a lot. I figure I’ll share some of my experiences and observations in a short blog-like format for those on Hope’s campus.  […]

Hope College Hosts Playwright Arlene Hutton

During the week of September 2, Hope College’s Theatre Department was lucky enough to host playwright Arlene Hutton as she worked on her new play, The Shakers of Mount Lebanon Will Hold A Peace Conference This Month. Hope College has committed to staging a production of the play, opening on November 15. Our Theatre Department […]

Students Launch Theatre Symposium

Last Fall, a group of Hope Theatre students started Theatre Symposium. The mission is to give students resources to grow as a theatre artists through conversations and workshops with working professionals, new play readings, and audition techniques. Symposium engages in a holistic, encouraging intra-arts environment by including student artists from a variety of disciplines, bringing […]

Interview with Daina Robins, director of THE GLASS MENAGERIE

The Hope College Theatre Department opened our first mainstage production of 2018, “The Glass Menagerie”, this past weekend! The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams tells the story of the Wingfield family. Recalled through the eyes of Tom, the memory play shares the story of his mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura. As a young girl, […]

Hope College Theatre Department receives recognition at the Region III Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

The Hope College Theatre Department is proud of the hard work and effort of their students. Hope Theatre participates in the Region III Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. The annual regional theatre festival is a gathering of more than 1,300 college theatre students and faculty who join together to showcase the best work of […]