Farewell to Choma 8/14/2022

Today we were able to attend a church service on Poetice’s base. After an early breakfast and setting the worship center up, we sang and fellowshipped with Poetice staff and community members, then we had chicken salad for lunch on base. It was Ashish’s favorite lunch. Ted says it was phenomenal. Haley says needless to say it was yummy.

Next, we started getting ready for the “house gathering” that was taking place in the afternoon. This was an opportunity to celebrate the house churches that are the run through Poetice. We had snacks, played volleyball and soccer, and entertained the kids with stickers, bubbles, and other arts and crafts. As a bonus we were able to distribute more water filters to church members.

The Poetice staff prepared a special send-off dinner for us that consisted of good food, good people, and good fellowship. Following the dinner, we were able to cap off our time here with one of our favorite activities, WORSHIP!!! We prayed with the Poetice staff and said our goodbyes to the staff that we won’t see tomorrow. It is bittersweet that our time here in Choma is done, but we are looking forward to waking up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to head out to Livingston. We are super excited to see some more of God’s beautiful creation on our game drive and hike to Victoria Falls.

Prayers for safe travels and health. We will need some extra energy and strength at 4:30 tomorrow morning.

This is Lmanda Aines, Baley Hennett, and Dshish Auvvuru reporting live from Choma International Radio.

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