En Route 8/16/2022

Just as season 7 Michael Scott said, “I don’t leave ‘til tomorrow, so…. Tomorrow I will be a wreck.”

Final hello friends and family before we see you in person! Today has been a bittersweet day as we have said our final goodbyes to our friends from Poetice in Zambia. This morning we had our final debrief as a full team and heard from the staff of Poetice. We then went to a special breakfast next to a swamp and ate with hippos and crocodiles- how many other people can say that! We relaxed at the breakfast spot, playing cards, and sharing some final stories with each other and the Poetice staff before heading to the airport where we said our final goodbyes to our new friends. We are currently in the Johannesburg airport waiting for our plane to Frankfurt. Spirits are high!… we will see if that’s the case after these long flights. Thanks so much to all our fans who prayed for us during the trip and kept up with our blog – you are appreciated! We are excited to let you all know how the it went.

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