We Made It!!

We officially made it to Choma! We boarded our plane out of Johannesburg this morning around 11 am and landed safely in Zambia. Then, we took a 3 hour bus ride from Livingstone to Choma, our home base for the next week. We were all glad to finally be done with the travel and to officially begin our time with Poetice. We were received by Poetice very kindly, and immediately after getting off of the bus, people came to introduce themselves and say hello.

We were invited to a celebration and dinner for their summer interns. It was in honor of the last night that the group of interns will be here. It was emotional and opened our eyes to the good work that is in progress here. They talked about the things the interns did throughout the summer and concluded with everyone standing and singing worship music together. Based off of the worship and experience of tonight, it is obvious that God is working and is on the move in this community. This makes us all the more excited to start serving here and begin working with the kids in the sports camps this upcoming week. Tomorrow we will start orientation and get to meet the soccer teams. We are looking forward to starting the program here and to sharing the amazing things that God has in store for us.

Jager and Sara

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