Pavas Ballerz

Hi friends and family! Sorry this is a late blog post for yesterday, we promise to be better in the days to come. Our first full day in Costa Rica we spent the morning playing basketball with the locals at Pavas. A few moments that really stuck out to us during the morning were:

  • How happy everyone was to be playing basketball despite limited opportunities given to them compared to Western culture that we are used to.
  • Despite the language barrier, basketball was our form of communication between one another for the day.
  • AJ and Marcus shared a short testimony to everyone at Pavas. The locals were very engaged and invested in what they had to say. The testimonies were given at the end of the clinic and their engagement showed the bond we had formed over the time we spent together playing basketball.

In the afternoon we went to a market full of Costa Rican vendors selling their handmade crafts. We had an amazing time walking around, connecting with the locals, and supporting their businesses. We met a man named Antonio and as a group we were able to connect with him. Right before we left, he asked us to take a selfie with him showing off all our gifts we got from him. Although, the money we spent was limited, it was really cool to see the impact we had on Antonio through our joy despite the language barrier.

We closed out our first day with awesome testimonies and a bible study focused around happiness. Tucker and Esther provided us with inspiring stories about their faith walk and how that impacted their lives in fruitful ways.

Thank you guys so much for following along, another blog will be posted tonight!

PS: the food has been BOMB!

Kayla and AJ

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