Uganda Day 11 6/4 LAST DAY BABYYYYY :((

Dommy Boy here and Natty Nat. WE are here to update you. We are so grateful that you have chosen to follow along with us on this transformational journey across this world. God has been moving in and through us, and we can’t wait to share those experiences with you when we arrive back in the states.

We woke up this morning with JOY! We were so excited to be back in Kampala in a hotel and city that was not as foreign as it first was. After a late night of cards and a long week and a half, this morning was the slowest our team has had yet. Nevertheless, we rallied as we had to go get COVID tested and praise the Lord our tests all came back negative, that was so positive…lol. Our team is so thankful that we are all able to travel together.

Upon leaving the center, we arrived in Kawempe, a slum that totals over 1 million people. We met at church in a sector of the slum. The church was filled with children of the community playing basketball and community leaders. We started our presentation and the leaders were the most questioning we had dealt with. The director of the community was very protective of his residents and he wanted to make sure he fully understood the filter. Eventually, with help from Sports Outreach team members and a Dave Jolly world class teaching moment, the director became assured that the filters were safe and would be extremely beneficial. As we had done before, we shared the gospel and praised God that a community member began a relationship with Christ. The team enjoyed hanging out with some of the kids before we left, but it was too soon, we were a little nostalgic about doing our last filter presentation together.

Brevin and Wilfred became best of buds throughout the trip 🙂

After a smashing lunch, full of peanut butter beans, fried fish, and fresh avocado, we packed up and got ready to leave the hotel, hanging out in the lobby waiting for our test results. After much anticipation we received the exciting news that we were NEGATIVE for Covid.

We hopped, skipped, jumped, and dove our way into our bus that has become our second home. Wilfred, our fearless leader in transportation once again led us through the other worldly traffic that floods the streets of Kampala. He weaves in and out so effortlessly, slowing down for each speed bump in order to ease our “African massage” (as referenced by the locals). He does it with a smile on his face and candy in his hand/mouth. We are going to miss his quiet strength and watchdog mentality. We visited the market which was full of millions of goodies, literally. Earrings, baskets, spoons, paintings, blankets, S&P shakers, bowls, jerseys, shirts, bottle openers, rugs, plaid suits, globes, hats, bags, and much much more. Stay tuned to see what we brought home. We had pay in schillings and we learned from Sam how to “bar-gain” with the locals. We bought lots!!

Dom and Ian, an eight year old future footballing star

After a narrow escape from the parking lot, our fearless transportation leader, Wilfred, guided us to safety once again and delivered us to the airport. We were full of mixed emotions as we left Sam and Wilfred, and the BuS. We are grateful that for the beautiful people we have interacted with, we are humbled by our expanded world view, and we are encouraged by the ways we have seen God do immeasurably more than we could have ever asked for or imagined.

We are writing this from Gate 4 of 4 in hour 4 of 4 waiting for our flight in the Entebbe airport. We have full stomachs from the first American meal we have had since leaving. Burgers, fries, chicken alfredo, fried fish, chicken noodles, and one chicken burger. We also had our last Novita pineapple and Miranda green soda drinks. We pray for safe flights and travels back to Holland as we are all growing weary and in need of more sleep. Some might say we are running on fumes and caffeine.

Praise God for the beautiful experience this trip has been; we are forever changed.

Dommy Boy and Natty Nat — out until next time

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