Uganda Day 10, 6/2/22

We had a sad morning saying goodbye to all of our friends at SOM Gulu. We packed up our bags and after lots of hugs we got on the road. The drive to the Paraa Safari Lodge was about 4 hours with nearly half of the ride on a road with countless bumps. However, we made the best of the drive by singing lots of songs, from Disney to Broadway. Upon arriving at the lodge, we had an introduction to some of the amazing wildlife in this national park. We saw giraffes, elephants, warthogs, gazelles, baboons, etc. Next was a delicious lunch followed by a boat ride on the Nile River. The boat ride was about 3 hours long with endless scenery and some more incredible wildlife. We saw a lot of the same animals from before and a bunch of hippos, which is fitting because Paraa (the name of the lodge) means hippos in the local language. The cruise ended with a powerful waterfall where we turned around to head back. After the cruise, some people swam and others enjoyed a moment of down time before dinner. Our day ended after dinner so we could get some sleep before our early adventure tomorrow.

Selfie of Jack, Keegan, Nat, Emma, Anneliese, and Ty before the road trip to Paraa
Some of the beautiful elephants we saw from the boat cruise

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