Uganda 2022 Day 7 5/30

Happy Memorial Day everyone! It’s half of the team’s ginger clan (Keegan and Emma) coming at you with today’s update. We started our day bright and early at 7:30 AM. After a simple breakfast, we headed over to the chapel for our daily devotion. Little did we know, this devotion was going to be an all out dance party. We arrived to the singing, dancing and echoing of the Ugandan women who live on the Sports Outreach complex. During our introduction, we each showed off our favorite dance move (even Dave Jolly despite his injured knee).

Members of a village that water filters were distributed to.

Following devotion, we headed over to the Sports Outreach preschool where we handed out porridge and listened to two adorable rhymes performed by the children. We took a little trip to the vocational school where the young women who live on the compound showed us their beautiful work that ranged from skirts, to purses, to backpacks and so much more. The women took a liking to braiding Natalie’s, Anneliese’s and even Ty’s hair. Soon after, we put on our dirty shoes, slipped on some gloves and went to work planting eggplant, cabbage and tomatoes at the farm on the complex.

Smiling faces as the team walks from a village back to the complex.

Before lunch, we had an hour and a half break which consisted of journaling, Spikeball and chess. Jack was finally able to show off his chess skills, beating his Ugandan opponent not once, but twice. Lunch consisted of the highly anticipated rolex, a classic Ugandan street food that is composed of an omelet wrapped in a chapati (similar to a tortilla).

Bonding over braiding at the vocational school.

After lunch, we traveled to four different places nearby and distributed approximately 35 water filters. As in our previous experiences, the people were extremely welcoming and engaged. We returned to the complex and prepared for a sports clinic. The sports clinic consisted of soccer and ultimate frisbee, ending with a full field soccer match. Our night ended with a delicious dinner and a team debrief that continued the deepening of relationships among the team.

Precious children at the preschool!

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