And so it begins… 8/6/2022

By Kyra and Grace V.

Hello friends and families,

Our trip started with a day and a half of training. Everyone came in with a mix of emotions, but it feels great to finally be together as one big group and we are so excited to start this journey! Throughout training we treated our clothes, practiced installing water filters, covered team expectations, and had some time to reflect on our own. We were able to hear from several different Hope staff that have traveled to Zambia in the past and ask any questions to ease our uncertainty. We departed Hope this afternoon and headed to Chicago for our first flight. Of course, we had to take a pit stop at Portillo’s on the way! Getting to our gate went smoothly, and we even got some stretching in before our flight. Thank you for following along and we appreciate your continued prayers and support. We are grateful for this opportunity and excited to get going!

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