Ready to Go!!!!!

We made it to O’hare, checked in, got through security, students are getting dinner, and we will be boarding our flight to London soon!  Emma and Andrew are up for today’s blog, but we won’t have time to get it posted before we need to board.  With the long layover we have in London tomorrow, they’ll join forces with Arinn and Sean to give a recap of our pre-trip training on campus at Hope, and our first day of travel!  Wanted to let parents and loved ones know things are going smoothly, share a team picture from our training on installing the Sawyer water filters, and let you know we plan to get something posted tomorrow!  It’s been a great two days with this group, Coach Kopas and I are excited to lead this crew, and the team is eagerly anticipating what the next 13 days has in store for us!!

Coach V

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