Greetings from Costa Rica!

Greetings from Costa Rica!

We departed from Hope this morning and drove to Chicago. From there, we flew to Houston and then to our final destination of San Jose. We arrived at 8pm local time and it was pitch black so we’re not really sure what it looks like yet, but we made it to the AMCA house! It was a long day of travel but everything went smoothly and we are emocionado (we’re hoping this is excited in Spanish since we said this in the airport) for what is to come!

Our hosts picked us up from the airport and had food prepared for us when we arrived. Following sandwiches and Costa Rican cookies, we had our first team meeting in country. One thing we have already been learning is flexibility. In our original schedule, we were going to lead a sports clinic in the morning at one elementary school and another at a different school in the afternoon. However, there was a change of plans for the afternoon and we are no longer going to a different elementary school. Instead, we will be playing basketball at an all-male prison. Our basketball skills are subpar at best so wish us luck!

It’s only day one and we can already see God working in so many ways within our team! Thank you for the continued prayers and support! One specific prayer request is for the ability to lead and communicate effectively with the kids and inmates on our first day. We are unsure what to expect but are open and eager for all the experiences to come.

Sincerely your favorite ~rising~ seniors,

Christian and Jenna

P.S. stay tuned for Lauryn and Emari’s update tomorrow. And yes, it’s really hot here!

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