Residence Hall Video Tours

One of the special characteristics of living on campus at Hope is all of the different living options available to you. With Room Draw coming up soon, we wanted to give you a chance to see inside our residence halls. Take a look at the following videos for a peek into what life is like in our various hall communities:

Cook Hall

Cook is a co-ed residence hall that houses 250 upper-class students. Rooms are in a “suite-style” set-up with a full bathroom joining two bedrooms. Cook Hall is conveniently connected to Cook Dining.

Durfee Hall

Durfee is the only all-male residence hall on campus. It has 46 rooms and can house 92 first and second-year students.

Dykstra Hall

Dykstra houses 265 female, first-year students. Dykstra Hall is the only residence hall on campus set up in clusters, which are comprised of a fully furnished common living area surrounded by six to 10 private rooms.

Gilmore Hall

Gilmore is home to 112 first and second-year women, and is primarily comprised of double rooms.

Kollen Hall

Kollen is a co-ed building. It has 144 rooms, and is home to 292 first and second-year students.

Lichty Hall

Lichty is a co-ed building, housing first and second-year students.

Phelps Hall

Phelps is a co-ed hall with 80 rooms that houses 160 first-year and sophomore students. Phelps Hall is conveniently connected to Phelps Dining.


Scott Hall

Scott is a co-ed residence hall with 50 rooms that house 98 first-year students. It is home to the Phelps Scholar program.

Van Vleck Hall

Van Vleck has 21 rooms and houses 38 first- and second-year women. The rooms of Van Vleck have beautiful dark wood window frames, blinds and carpeted floors. 

Voorhees Hall

Voorhees is a co-ed hall that houses 114 students in 53 rooms. 

Wyckoff Hall

Wyckoff is a co-ed building that houses 100 first- and second-year students.

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