Strategic Planning Update – Extending the Timeline

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Since late October, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been drafting objectives and key performance indicators for each of the six strategic plan goals unanimously affirmed by our Board of Trustees.  The work has gone incredibly well thus far, and the committee’s highest priority is to complete the process in a way that reflects the college’s collaborative effort to date and produces a thoughtful and deliberate strategic plan.

At the onset of this strategic planning process, the steering committee adopted a timeline to complete a strategic plan in early January.   The committee has determined that the timeline should be extended into the spring in order for the committee to continue their work, provide ample time for the campus to review the plan and have feedback considered before the final draft is presented to the Board of Trustees prior to their spring meeting.   We value community engagement as a hallmark of our strategic planning process and want to continue that through this final stage of writing and refining the plan.  We know that a few extra weeks of planning now will result in a better plan, better implementation, and shared success in the future.

As we enter the final week of the academic year, we want to recognize you for the investment of time and energy you have made in your students, your scholarly work, and your programs over the last several months.  You have been engaging students in their intellectual, spiritual and interpersonal growth, leading programs with distinction and diligence, and creating an environment that supports our students, faculty and staff.  Your efforts are recognized and valued.

Best wishes to you as you finish the semester, and blessings to you and your loved ones this Christmas season.

John C. Knapp, President and Professor

Nancy Dirkse DeWitt, Trustee

Co-Chairs, Strategic Planning Steering Committee

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