World Health Day

Spring has sprung! Though winter is hopefully behind us, continuing to combat Covid-19 and promote overall health around the world are on the top of our minds as we all are eager to get outside and get active after a long winter. 

Did you all know World Health Day is April 7th? With that in mind it is the perfect time to focus on Global Health!

This year the World Health Organization is observing its 75th anniversary. In 1948 countries came together and founded WHO. It was founded to promote health, keep the world safe, and to ensure everyone, everywhere had the highest level of health. This nationally recognized day and anniversary is an opportunity to see how we have been successful over the years as well as improved quality of life. On the flip side hopefully motivates everyone to tackle the current health challenges we face today. 

This year’s theme for World Health Day is Health For All. For over the past few decades WHO has shown a light on important health issues like mental health, climate changes, policies, and our own health awareness. So take time to enjoy this day on April 7th and celebrate all the important aspects of your own health and worldwide health. 

Here are ways we all can engage in World Health Day:

  1. Get active!
  2. Encourage Healthy Eating
  3. At school or work help learn about your own health
  4. Raise money for charities
  5. Invest in First Aid Training

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