Sunday, 10/20/2019 – Jennifer Ryden

Revelation Series – Revelation 4-5
Title: Worship Prays
Speaker: Jennifer Ryden
Songs: To God All Praise and Glory, Jesus At the Center, How Deep the Father’s Love, Splinters and Stones, Jesus Paid It All
After-Worship Songs: Empty Me Out, Since Your Love, Our Father Has Won, King of My Heart

Sunday, 10/13/2019 – Vivian Mabuni

Title: Open Hands, Willing Heart (John 15:1)
Speaker: Vivian Mabuni
Songs: This Is the Sound, King Of Kings, O Come To the Altar, Highlands (Song of Ascent), Mercy Reigns
After-Worship Songs: Song Of My Father, You’ll Come, Be Thou My Vision (Ascend the Hill), Justice Will Roll Down, Resurrecting