Sunday, 1/26/2020 – Trygve Johnson

The Prologue: John 1:1-3 What Time is it?
Speaker: Trygve Johnson
Songs: Let There Be Light, All Creatures, Way Maker, New Wine, On The Throne
After-Worship Songs: Here For You, On The Throne, All Thy Fullness, O Praise The Name

Wednesday, 1/22/2020 – Sonja Trent-Brown and Michael Brown

Title: Beloved Community (John 4:7-12, Lamentations 3:22-24)
Speakers: Sonja Trent-Brown and Michael Brown
Songs: How Glorious, Jesus At The Center

Sunday, 1/19/2020 – Trygve Johnson

The Prologue: John 1:1-18 The Epic
Speaker: Trygve Johnson
Songs: Praise the Lord Ye Heavens, Oh You Bring, Brokenness Aside, Before the Throne of God, Lord Of Lords, O God of Our Salvation After-Worship Songs: Only A Holy God, Goodness of God, Jesus At the Center, Raised With Christ

Sunday, 1/12/2020 – Matt Scogin

Title: Hope In Appearance
Speaker: Matt Scogin
Songs: Drenched In Love, What a Beautiful Name, Simple Gospel, Resurrecting, Mercy Reigns
After-Worship Songs: Highlands, Song Of My Father, Rising Sun, King of My Heart