Moms Who Pray

Moms who pray make all the difference!

Last weekend I spent time with a group of moms, who flew into Holland from various places around the country – for the sole purpose to pray for Hope College, its leadership, and students who attend Hope. It was one of the more encouraging moments of this difficult season. They were so eager to know how they could best pray for Hope’s campus. Since the fall this group of moms has been praying together virtually, but they had never met each other face to face. Their sole common-denominator was that they were moms who had a son or daughter who attends Hope College, and they are moms who pray. I mean these moms PRAY! It was beautiful to experience them become friends in person, and who at the same time are held together in prayer.

I take seriously moms who pray. In my experience, A mother who with regularity intercedes and advocates for their children, families, and communities in prayer is a power and force to honor. I believe a mothers prayer is at the heart of all that is good in the world. Prayer does not require an advanced degree, or a title, or any kind of special training. It simply requires love. This love is what makes a mother’s prayer so powerful and inviting to me. More than anything else, a love that is directed in prayer is difficult to ignore – even for God! A praying mom is one, who I believe, is at the heart of the Christ.
I was blessed to be raised by a praying Mom and it made all the difference in my life – and the life of our family. These Moms I was with this weekend requested to meet with me to simply hear what is on my heart, and to know how best to pray for me, my marriage and family, Hope College, and our ministry. It was a beautiful morning together. What struck me was there spiritual seriousness and dependence on God. There was a sincerity in them that was disarming. I was inspired by their faith and faithfulness. They sought nothing other than to serve and encourage. These moms are part of a long and noble tradition of Mothers who pray, and whose prayers, make all the difference.

One of the greatest theologians of the Church, Augustine of Hippo, credits his mother, Monica, whose prayers he credits for God’s continued mercy and patience on his life. In the The Confessions, Augustine writes:

“‘You put forth your hand from on high’ (Ps. 143:7), and from this deep darkness ‘you delivered my soul’ (Ps. 85:13). For my mother, your faithful servant, wept for me before you more than mothers weep when lamenting their dead children. By the ‘faith and spiritual discernment’ (Gal. 5:5) which she had from you, she perceived the death which held me, and you heard her Lord. You heard her and did not despise her tears which poured forth to wet the ground under her eyes in every place where she prayed. You heard her.” (The Confessions Book III. xi (19)

It is not an understatement to say that Monicas, Augustine’s mother, prayers changed the course of the history.

I applaud all the Moms! Especially, I celebrate those Moms who pray. If you are Mom I encourage you to keep praying. The Lord hears you. Don’t lose heart. The Lord hears your tear soaked prayers – and he does not ignore you. Never cease and never give up praying for your loved ones. It may just make all the difference for them and this world God so loves!

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