Awakening Series #5 A Family Conversation w/ Kenda Creasy Dean

In this episode Josh Banner continues the Awakening’s collaboration with the Invitation Podcast as we further explore our focus question: what does a 16-year-old have to teach the church? Here, Josh borrows from a conversation he recently had with Kenda Creasy Dean, the Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture at Princeton Seminary, […]

Awakening Series #4 Covid-19 Check-in w/ Audio from June 2019!

In this conversation Josh Banner and Jim DeBoer have a conversation via zoom to update Awakening students on what may be happening this summer for the Awakening in the midst of our current health crisis. Josh offers some audio clips of students sharing and singing on the beach at last year’s Awakening in June of […]

Awakening Series #3 Bre Harris and Jordan Clegg Part II

In this podcast episode, Bre Harris and Jordan Clegg continue their conversation about worship sharing some of their favorite scriptures that help them understand worship.  They have good, important insight. But more importantly, you can hear them enjoy sharing God with each other. This is what we do at the Awakening. The Awakening is at its […]

Awakening Series #2 Bre Harris and Jordan Clegg

 In this podcast local worship leaders and Awakening teachers, Bre Harris and Jordan Clegg have a conversation about misconceptions they used to have about worship and the things they have learned in their journies since. Awakening IV is almost upon us, just a few weeks away. Bre and Jordan offer some of their learning curve […]

Awakening Series #1: What Can a Sixteen-Year-Old Teach Us?

This is the introductory episode in a new collaboration with The Awakening, a week-long, summer worship and arts experience for high school students. In this episode Josh engages a group of the Awakening students to consider the unique gift of a teenager’s spiritual journey. In the posture of spiritual direction, we don’t bring Jesus to […]