Earlier this year, we featured a series entitled Reading Together on our Little Read Lakeshore social media accounts! This series provides intentional tips for reading, discussing and exploring themes of books with Little Readers. And surprise! Two NEW tips are spotlighted only here, our blog!

Let your kids see you read! 👀 Tell them what you are reading and why you’re interested in it. Point out to them when you go to the library or purchase a new book for yourself! Sit down on the weekends and read in front of your them. Encourage them to love reading by reading yourself!

Enjoy a series! 📚 For older kids who are growing in their reading skills, a book series is an exciting and reliable option. Ask your librarian for a recommendation and get started! (Or check out our #BookRecWednesday series on either @bigreadlakeshore or @littlereadlakeshore on Facebook & Instagram!)

Enjoy audiobooks together! 🎧 Audiobooks count as reading! Play audiobooks as you have breakfast or a snack. (This also helps kids stay seated and finish their food!) Talk about the story the same way you would a book and ask what them what they thinks will happen next or who their favorite character is!

Don’t forget about nonfiction! ⚠️ Notice what subject interests your kids (baking, bugs, trains, etc.) and find that section in the children’s area of the library. Bring home as many books as you like on one subject and take a deep dive into learning together. Feel free to flip through the pages casually and enjoy books without the pressure of reading cover to cover.

Visit your local bookstore! 🔖 Our local West MI bookstores are the perfect place immerse your Little Reader in books. Combine supporting local business and reading with special one-on-one time with a child. Pick one out a new book buy and bring home! And maybe stop for a treat on your way home too?!

Host a reading party! 🥳 Surprise your kids with a giant bowl of popcorn and announce a reading party. Make a stack of as many books as possible. Sit and read through them all (and don’t forget to have a glass of water nearby for all those read alouds!). Celebrate reading in your home by throwing a party.

For tips and tricks like this, as well as fun ways to get Little Readers involved with our program, find us at @littlereadlakeshore on Facebook and Instagram or email us at thebigread@hope.edu!

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