Little Read Lakeshore from a Little Reader’s Perspective

Here at the Big Read and Little Read Lakeshore, we are busy preparing for a month full of amazing programs geared towards adults and kids alike. We can’t wait! However, some of our Little Readers have already begun reading our Little Read 2019 book, The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet by Carmen Agra Deedy! Eliza Rowe, age 6, and Adrian Stroop, age 10, wanted to let you know why they think you should participate in reading the book, too!

“When we first met, we didn’t know anything about each other. Our moms were in the same book club for The Big Read. We started to read Paw Patrol stories together because we found out we both liked them. Even though Adrian is 4 years older than Eliza, we had something in common and became friends. Then we became the original Little Readers and our moms tried out kids books on us.

We think Holland is a better place to live because of the Little Read. We get to do cool things like read a lot of books and meet authors. We like to hear about their lives, inspiration and their feelings about things outside of books. We both have a collection of books that we got signed by Little Read authors. We get to bring bookmarks and copies of the book to our school to share with our friends. Our teachers get to meet each other and make friends, too. 

This year we are going to the Striketime Dance Theatre at the library to get our groove on. We’re going straight from there to see other people Drumming and Dancing at Hope College. We both like to dance, too. The next weekend, we’re going back to the library to meet the author.

This year, we think we’re going to make a lot of new friends. Any kids that participate in the Little Read already have two things in common. They live in the same town and they have all read the same book. That’s enough to start a friendship.” 

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