Please join us in our new “Fill it Forward” Cupanion Cup Initiative!

We are all aware of the issues surrounding the impact we have on our environment and its up to each of to help keep our planet clean for generations to come.  Hope College is committed to minimizing our impact on the planet and helping those in need; and we have a new and exciting initiative for you to help us accomplish that goal! 

We hope you have noticed the patterned cups popping up around campus. These new cups promote the elimination of single-use items and help  give water to those in need around the world. Learn more about the campaign behind the cup at

When you purchase your cup, download the Fill it Forward app** for your smartphone and every time your cup is refilled, scan the barcode to track not only your carbon footprint, but that of Hope College as well.  You’ll see how collectively each individual action can lead to big change!

**Please be sure to register with you email to be eligible for prizes throughout the year. 

  • Using this cup will help Hope College track:
    • Waste diverted from landfill
    • Electricity saved
    • CO2 Emissions saved
    • Land use saved

Refill your cup ( For regular coffee, fountain pop, or water ): 

at Phelps and Cook Dining Halls before you leave

at Kletz Market or Cup & Chaucer for $1

… or, any other time you use your cup!

Fill it forward:

use the Fill it Forward app

give water to those in need 

help Hope College live more sustainably

These new cups are available for purchase in the Hope College Bookstore or at the Kletz Market for only $5. When you purchase your cup, you will also receive a bonus sticker to place on your favorite water bottle to keep Filling it Forward!

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to email me with campus usage related questions or Cupanion for any technical questions.

By simply scanning your cup/tag, you can track how big of an impact you are having and see exactly where your donation is going. Whether its plastic, waste, power, land or emissions saved, you can see how much of a reuse superstar you are.  Fill it Forward makes it easy to help you tread lightly on the Earth and give to those in need.

Hope College supports environmental stewardship as an institution grounded in the historic Christian faith. This faith calls us to care for all of God’s creation and ensure its preservation for generations to come. We seek to honor our calling to be stewards of creation care on campus and beyond by engaging constructively in teaching, research and community service to sustain a world gifted to us by God.

Thank you for joining Hope College in our new initiative to Fill it Forward!

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