Living Sustainably: Energy seminar focuses on comfort, health, savings

By Andrea Goodell, Herrick District Library Making your home more comfortable, healthy and cost-effective doesn’t have to break the bank.  Everyone knows the No. 1 tip: Lower your thermostat a couple of degrees in winter and raise it a couple of degrees in summer. (You won’t notice the difference, but you’ll notice the savings.) There are dozens of […]


JIM AND MARTIE BULTMAN STUDENT CENTER EARNS LEED GOLD CERTIFICATION; WOOD FROM STORM-FELLED TREES LINKS PAST AND PRESENT September 17, 2018 — by Greg Olgers Organizations seeking LEED certification for their construction projects have many ways to earn it, including by using regional materials. In developing the Jim and Martie Bultman Student Center, which recently […]

Living Sustainabily: Food Waste Film – Just Eat It

By Ken Freestone and Lisa Uganski, and Ottawa Food The issue of food waste is about more than disposal of food scraps from our tables at home or uneaten food at restaurants. It is about hungry families and individuals, about wasting environmental resources during growing and processing, about over-purchasing, and about creating methane in landfills. There are at […]

Living Sustainably: Celebrate Local Food on the Lakeshore This Fall

By Kate Bolt, Growing up between fields of wheat and corn in East Saugatuck, farming and living close to the food we eat has always been an important part of my life.  My parents always came home with local produce from our neighboring farms, and every year at the tractor pull down the street there was an […]

Living Sustainably: Holland Stands Out in Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards

By Anne Saliers, Holland Board of Public Works More finalists have been selected from Holland for the 2018 Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards than from any other city in the state. Of the 21 businesses, organizations, and individuals across the state that have been honored this year, three are from Holland, a fourth is honored because of its work […]

Living Sustainably: Think local for vacations with sustainable impact

By Hannah Schulze, Local First of West Michigan One sure-fire way to guarantee yourself an A+ when it comes to planning your family vacation is to emphasize unique, exciting experiences that will result in priceless memories for years to come. And a way to add to those experiences is the human connection that can be gained by […]

Living Sustainably: Trees add value in Holland (Hope College Biology Student Research Project)

By Katelyn DeWitt, Hope College Biology Student Have you hugged a tree lately? This summer I have been walking around Holland doing just that. In a joint project between the City of Holland and Hope College, I have been working to census all of the trees on public property in Holland by recording every tree’s trunk diameter and […]

WMEAC Blog: To Improve Energy Efficiency, Holland Turns To Equitable Financing

“Ken Freestone is the City of Holland’s Residential Energy Advisor. He helps Holland homeowners make retrofits to their homes that maximize energy efficiency, from sealing air leaks to replacing windows to installing solar panels. First, Freestone will help an interested homeowner identify their wants, like lower utility costs or better heating. Then, he works with […]

June 2018 Sustainability News

June 2018 Sustainability News June 30, 2018 – Parks enrich children’s lives June 30, 2018 – ‘Task force’ quietly planning James DeYoung vision process June 30, 2018 – The Annual Macatawa Water Festival is right around the corner, Saturday, July 14! June 30, 2018 – Trump claims Saudi Arabia will boost oil production June 30, 2018 – What will become […]

Living Sustainably: Holland seeks better recycling outcomes

By Aaron Thelenwood, City of Holland The City of Holland has reached a new five-year waste and recycling agreement in the midst of major changes locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The contract with Allied Waste Services, locally known as Republic Services of Holland, provides recycling, refuse, and yard waste collection for residential users. Among those changes in the realm […]