Living Sustainably: We can resolve to be greener in 2019

By Karen Frink ’17, Holland Hope College Sustainability Institute As we celebrate the end of 2018 and the start of 2019, many of us list resolutions to improve our lifestyle in the coming year. What if your resolutions could help not only you but the earth and your local community, as well? Your friends at the Holland-Hope College […]

Living Sustainably: Checking competitors boosts economic sustainability

By Jennifer Owens, Lakeshore Advantage  The Holland area is blessed to have one of the strongest economies in the state of Michigan. Ottawa County is the fastest growing county in Michigan over the last eight years, its population growing at a rate of 8.5 percent. Allegan County has grown at a rate of 4.5 percent over that […]

Hope College Student Research Presentations at MACC’s Annual Meeting

Hope College Student Research Presentations Holland Sentinel “Living Sustainably Column” Article. “Four groups of Hope College Advanced Environmental Seminar students presented the results of their semester long research projects on December 6 at the Macatawa Watershed Annual Meeting. All student groups focused on some aspect of heavy metals. Copies of their presentations are available here. The […]

Living Sustainably: Recycle and reuse at the ReStore

By Stacey Korecki, Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity Have you heard about the Holland ReStore and how it is a center of recycle and reuse activity? The Holland ReStore is a donation center that sells materials used in home improvement projects. Items such as new and used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more can be found in store. The […]

Living Sustainably: Unique community sustains quality of life

By Krista Mason, Benjamin’s Hope Ben Mason was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. As his parents, my husband Dave and I, like many parents, found that the diagnosis of autism ushered in immense uncertainty about the future. It brought questions like, “Will my child speak? Will he live independently and find purposeful work? Will he […]

LIVING SUSTAINABLY: Have yourself a merry greener Christmas!

By Anthony Aragon Orozco, Hope College Green Team The holidays are upon us! Which is also the time we might panic, wondering what am I going to get for who, how will I decorate the house, and what on earth will I make to eat for the holidays this year? I’m sure we all have our yearly […]

Living Sustainably: Recycle, get new Christmas lights and save at Light Exchange

By Morgan Kelley, Holland Board of Public Works Did you know holiday string lights cannot be recycled in everyday recycling? Light strings not only contain a large amount of rubber and plastic, and sometimes glass, but also copper. These materials do not biodegrade easily, and copper is a valuable metal. But by participating in the Holiday Light […]


November 12, 2018 — by Greg Olgers A research presentation by two Hope College students won a first-place award during the recent annual national meeting of the Geological Society of America. Juniors Chelsea Moore of Muskegon and Amy Olgers of Holland were honored for their poster presentation of their research project “Reconnaissance of Microplastic Distribution in […]

LIVING SUSTAINABLY: You Can Stomp out a Smaller Carbon Footprint

By Karey Frink’18, Intern for the Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute Carbon footprint.  This is a term we are hearing used more often, but what really does that mean? Carbon footprints are often thought about in terms of transportation habits. However, every person’s carbon footprint is comprised of much more. Here’s a complete definition from the Environmental […]

LIVING SUSTAINABLY: Living Sustainably program will sort out recycling questions

By Michelle Gibbs, Office of Sustainability Quick quiz: Which of these items can you recycle in Holland’s yellow curbside recycling bags? Plastic milk carton Paper milk carton Paper Junk mail Styrofoam cups Plastic bags Cereal boxes Think you know? The answers may surprise you. For example, while plastic milk cartons can be recycled at the […]