Living Sustainably: How Are We Creating a Sustainable Community?

LIVING SUSTAINABLY:  How Are We Creating a Sustainable Community? By Brett Little and Michelle Gibbs Great things are happening in Holland, and we want you to join in! Many people are working hard to help Holland become a vibrant, world-class community, but for that to happen, it takes all of us working together and addressing all […]

Living Sustainably: Pop Quiz: Do You Know Your Home Place? – AND FULL ANSWERS

LIVING SUSTAINABLY Pop Quiz: Do You Know Your Home Place? By Steve Bouma-Prediger How well do you know your place – your geophysical place, your neighborhood, your home? If we don’t know our home place well, then we won’t know how to responsibly care for it. Or, lacking the love born of knowledge, we might not […]

Living Sustainably: Know your Landscape for Environmental Engagement

LIVING SUSTAINABLY:  Know your Landscape for Environmental Engagement By Ken Freestone, Did you know that there are more than 33 different environmental projects currently underway in the greater West Michigan region? And did you know there are more than 65 groups working on solid waste, green infrastructure, water, energy, dunes/land, food waste, environmental economics and more? Just […]

Living Sustainably: Working on Lake Mac’s Reputation

LIVING SUSTAINABLY:  Working on Lake Mac’s Reputation By Dan Callam, Macatawa Greenway Manager Just how healthy – or unhealthy – is Lake Macatawa?  Does it deserve its murky reputation? Grand Valley State University’s Annis Water Resources Institute has produced its annual monitoring dashboard for Lake Macatawa. The report summarizes sampling on Lake Macatawa during 2016.  The […]

January 2017 Sustainability News

January 30, 2017 – Living Sustainably: We can see more stars in Holland January 30, 2017 – Why 98% of Companies Do Not Achieve Their Sustainability Goals January 30, 2017 – BP Advocates for Putting a Price on Carbon January 30, 2017 – How to Reduce Corporate Food Waste? There’s an Online Hub for That January 27, 2017 – Affordable […]

We Can See More Stars in Holland

LIVING SUSTAINABLY:  We Can See More Stars in Holland By Paul Lilly and Michelle Gibbs Living Sustainably Committee “Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky….” Our fascination with the night sky starts at a young age, and many of us […]

Involving All of Us in So Many Ways

LIVING SUSTAINABLY: Involving All of Us in So Many Ways By Michelle Gibbs Director, Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute Welcome to the new Living Sustainably series! This weekly column is sponsored by the Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute as a way to keep our community informed and engaged in all of the great work in sustainability that […]

December 2016 News

December 29, 2016 – It wasn’t all bad news for the planet: 5 positive environmental stories from 2016. December 28, 2016 – Grant money, park improvements headed for Ottawa County December 28, 2016 – How Can Manufacturers Save Billions? By Reducing Food Waste. December 27, 2016 – UPS Says Its Electric Bikes Are Advanced and Reduce the Company’s Carbon […]

October 2016 News

October 31, 2016: We Don’t Need a War on Climate Change, We Need  a Revolution October 30, 2016: 300 Million Children Breathe Highly Toxic Air , UNICEF Reports October 30, 2016 – Guessing Wrong on Climate Change October 28, 2016 – Energy Efficiency and Leased Spaces October 28, 2016 – Corporate Community Leading the Charge Into the New […]

September 2016 News

September 30, 2016 – Driving Energy Efficiency by Improving the Owner/Tenant Relationship September 30, 2016 – Three Trends Align to Save Buildings Millions in Energy Costs September 29, 2016 – Local, State and the Federal Government Excel at Energy Efficiency September 27, 2016 – Last house at energy park to move to Holland Heights September 26, 2016 – Home Help: […]