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Explore the World!

Hope offers more than 200+ programs in over 60 countries for off-campus study.  Freiburg, Santiago, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Seville, Rabat, Paris, Valparaíso, Sydney…. the world is wide open.  Interested in learning more??  Contact the Fried International Center or stop by the MMC 109 to meet with the staff or peer advisors. They would love to help!

The Fried International Center aims to integrate the perspective of international students and scholars into the campus community, to provide off-campus study opportunities for all students, and to stimulate conversation of cross cultural and global issues, all of which contribute to the internationalization of Hope’s campus. This tradition of an international campus began with Hope’s first graduating class of 1879, which was one-third Japanese.

Are you ready to join in the tradition?


Recent Posts

One night on the beach

Night view from my balcony

Night view from my balcony

One night I was on the beach

It was a dream but I was in reality and You were speaking to my reality

You said, “I am sovereign

Look at the waves, my galloping horses of the sea

See how mighty they come but they cannot surpass Me

They cannot cross the line that I have set for them”

You said, “I am with you

Look at your footprints in the sand

Am I not carrying you?

I will not leave you nor forsake you”.

Then the waves of the sea came and washed the footprints away

And you said, “See the sands of time have washed away.

One moment your footprints are here the next they are gone.”

And I replied “Lord this is too much for me, too weighty to understand.”

Then you said “I am God!”

And as I looked out over the waves of the sea

I knew that everything would be alright with me

As long as He is alright with me

My footprints in the sand

My footprints in the sand

Ya’ll I’ve been thinking a lot about life after South Africa and how much I need to do or should be doing to prepare for next semester. But God is Sovereign! He knew I would be in South Africa in this moment in this time. God has everything under control. He’s working some things out in my mind and heart in regards to ministry. And honestly I’m afraid what the future will bring because it’s so uncertain. But, I have to choose to obey God not my fears. So come what may, waves of life. When it’s all said and done and my footprints in the sand are no more, as long as God is pleased with my life then that’s all that matters.



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