Yo! Welcome back ya’ll!

Here is an embarrassing chipmunk picture of me and my housemate for you to laugh at.
Here is an embarrassing chipmunk picture of me and my housemate Leah (love her to death) for you to laugh at.

This summer, I was homemaker intern (and I say just “intern” because I’m a firm believer that being a homemaker is the hardest job in the world); so we are talking about 23 days of baking, cooking, cleaning, doing yoga, handling some errands etc here, not the real stuff.

Honestly it was kind of nice to have that time to myself after my hectic study abroad experience that was followed by a corporate finance internship, which usually involved a lot of reporting and data entry. However, I had my own office room, separate from my boss’s because he liked his room nice and cool; 55 degrees exactly. So here I am in my white button up with all those numbers on my computer screen and AC/DC music to keep me sane; doesn’t sound so dreamy, does it? Honestly though the song “Highway to Hell” was a little helpful while I was doing the month-end reports; so if you ever find yourself in that situation, I would highly recommend that kind of music along with some pop-tarts.

Note-to-reader: We still don’t have pop-tarts in Turkey, so I had to make my own. I think lack of this edible good plays a part why we are still a “developing” country.

So, anyway, that was my break in a nutshell. As this whole thing may not sound necessarily exciting, coming back early to Holland for my economics class is maybe one of the best things I did to myself after a really crazy schedule like that. After all that busy time, I realized that I actually don’t have to be running around all the time. Now I actually feel like I have to enjoy my small moments and myself because I know for a fact that it’s not going to be possible for me to do those things once I get caught up in the schoolwork and not to mention that this is my last summer as a not-so-grownup-but-almost-there person. Next year, I’ll be looking for real jobs, making real plans about the future and then even listening to Foo Fighters music will not help.

Oh, God.

But even that will be a part of my “thriving as a 20-something” experience. Oh sorry, I misspelled “surviving”.

Next year this time of the year I will look back and remember all those times when I laughed a C off; laid on the grass with my boyfriend at Pine Grove; miserably sat on the floor and sobbed with my Hello Kitty PJs on when my best friend was trying to reassure me that I will too, one day be in an Avengers movie; ate away my misery and confusion when I got rejected for that one internship position I really wanted; that time I got hit by a car and all I worried was the sushi dinner I was going to miss if I went to the hospital (I didn’t go to hospital, because, free sushi); that second I closed my eyes at the beach while my friends were talking about this kid with the cape and how he looked like a Jedi; that day I laughed so hard I almost choked on air, that night my friends and I spied on this person because we were really, really bored and everything else that make me chuckle as I am writing this…

Look around you as you are reading this; life is happening all around you as you are sitting at your spot reading this. Ask yourself, when was the last time you laughed it off? When was the last time you didn’t take yourself so seriously?

I don’t know who you are or where you are from dear reader; but if your answer is “a long time ago” for both of those questions, then maybe it is time for you to change something in your life; start seeking for happiness of pursuit instead of pursuit of happiness.
School year has officially started, take advantage of that; learn about life.

Welcome back to school kids, may the force be with you.

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