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Hello folks,

So as I mentioned in my other entry, currently I am studying abroad in Amsterdam. This is my second week here I honestly don’t know where to start, everything seems so normal right now that I feel like nothing exciting is happening.

You know, casually taking the train to the other side of the country, strolling through 200-year old parks, visiting Anne Frank’s house and all… Just casual.

But I guess before I give you all the insiders about the city, I should tell you what my 24- hour routine look like.

The classes start at 10 which you may think that I get to sleep in everyday: False. I wake up around 08:47 every morning (takes me exactly 12 minutes to get ready and every second of sleep counts) and leave the house at 09:00. It takes me 45 minutes to walk to the building where the seminars are held, I could take the tram but that is not how you get to know a city. Everyone has their own way of nesting and mine is spotting the best cafes, patisseries, restaurants and in this case, cheese shops in the city. So far my favorite is De Laatste Kruimel. Guys, seriously, holy cow. I have a pretty specific taste about carrot cake, like a carrot cake specialized gourmet, but my taste buds never experienced something so delicious I don’t think. My friend Lisa and I discovered that place at night, we went in there to ask for directions to Rembrandtplein where most of the cafes are and one of the owners Zoet told us where it is and added “I’ll be there tonight too, it’s pretty fun, maybe I’ll see you girls there!”. At the small kitchen in the back, the other girls were just decorating the pies which were obviously still warm. With being the feminist, people’s person and gourmet I am, I knew I would be going back there pretty often.

Anyways, back to walking…

I get to the building where we have the lectures at usually 10 minutes before which allows me to have small talks with my awesome classmates all coming from different schools and different backgrounds. It is always really great to talk to people about fragile subjects without walking around the eggshells. I mean the program I am in is called “International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender” so imagine the debates that we get into. The topics also include LGBTQ rights, feminism waves which are obviously very open to discussions. Don’t think I am the only girl (we’re all girls) from a Christian school, you would be surprised. This group is literally taking down the stereotypes of being a Gender Studies major which I fully support. There are girls from Catholic schools, a few who really value religion and therefore making their research on women representation in religion. I, personally, think that I have a lot to learn from these intelligent women. This is why I think everyone should at least study abroad once, because you will learn and will challenge yourself in the ways you won’t be able to at your home institutions.

After class, we get to hang out for a bit, I usually go to Spui where my favorite bakery is, then I walk back home around 19:00. Walking is the best way to get around the city; it doesn’t cost a thing plus let’s you get to know the city in the best way possible. I mean I could bike too, I even rented a bike and named him Snoopy but I just like taking walks.

For dinner usually I have lots of cheese and bread and Speculoos or stroopwafels, because they are the best. Then I go up to my room and sit in my french balcony with a mug of tea in my hand and my laptop on my lap… Because I am in Amsterdam and that’s how Amsterdammers do.

Until next post have fun,

Favorite Bakery!
Swans chilling in the canals of Amsterdam
Happy Valentines Day by the way!
The best menu I’ve ever seen
My view walking to class

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  1. why am I just finding out that you’re in Amsterdam?? I hope you’re having the time of your life!

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