Unofficial Guide to Being a Hope College Student – Learning the Terms #2

Here is the rest of the list!

4. Ring by Spring

When you are a Junior or a Senior with a significant other, someone will ask you if you are going to do Ring by Spring which is basically asking if you guys are going to engaged by the end Spring Semester of Senior year. Many couples at Hope choose to do that because it is very convenient for the ones who don’t want to break up/ live in the same house/ simply want to start a family and don’t see the point of waiting. From what I’ve seen this is a fading trend; but maybe I am just biased. Not that anything is wrong with it; in fact I encourage that decision since it saves you from a possible long- distance relationship or having to run between two homes as you keep your own place while you are spending a lot of time at your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s house. You know, it’s practical.

5. Mrs. Major

The term “Mrs. major” is used for a girl who wants to find her future husband while she is pursuing her undergrad degree. Don’t let anyone fool you, as this might be an English major, it can also be a pre-med track person or even someone getting her degree in biomedical engineering.

These girls tend to be very motherly, super nice and manage look like J.Crew models everyday. They are like Mary Poppins of Hope College whom make you question your gender and make you wonder if you are going to end up alone.

6. Hachos

Nachos from Sammy’s; your ultimate reason to gain the freshman-15 and keep it. If you don’t want something sweet (which I would never understand why you wouldn’t) and Papa John’s is closed/ you are broke, this is your best option.

7. LJ’s, JP’s, JJ’s

LJ’s; Lemonjello’s aka hipster/ cool youth/ Arctic Monkeys lovers’ home. Every time I walk in there I feel like I’m in this really chill/ fun indie movie. It’s a place where Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone or SNL people would go. Lucky for us, it’s the closest coffee shop to the campus. Honestly they have the best pastries in the world, and some are even gluten free and/or vegan. Their brownies and berry muffins are to die for. Baristas all look like they have been imported from Portland Oregon, which is almost like another universe (a better universe). I’m a fan.

JP’s; just plain JP’s. It’s where all grown ups with suits go. I guess it is just less hip, more professional/ serious version of LJ’s. They make the best cappuccino though, so I am okay with the serious atmosphere. Also, the booths make that shop the best place to study when the library is packed; not to mention they are very convenient for venting or heart-to- heart sessions with your friends. Fair warning: you might/ will run into one of your professors or someone you know, so I would still keep my voice down.

JJ’s; Jimmy John’s, where I have spent all my savings. I don’t think I have to explain what it is because we all know the place. Still, I have to say this; you should try Vito if you still haven’t yet.

Bonus: #blessed. If you have Instagram or Twitter, this will be in every tweet/ picture caption; don’t be surprised. It doesn’t necessarily mean they feel blessed but it just a way of Hope College students to say “I’m happy. That is all”.

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