Things Kids Do That Would be Surprisingly Okay If You Did Them

Pasta for days

Hey kids,

So college is an awesome ride which you get to stop at some stations like Thanksgiving and Spring Break to stretch out your legs.

We had a stop just last week; Thanksgiving, aka, cholesterol festivities. For 4 days I had only turkey meat, took baths in gravy (not literally, ew), stuffed my face with stuffing and had mashed potatoes until I felt like a potato myself. Meanwhile I got a chance to hang out with families with kids which made me realize one thing:

Kids and college students have a lot in common. Here is how (told by Buzzfeed):

Here is my take on it…

Sharing: College students don’t like sharing. We don’t leave our Nutella jars out in the open or eat Oreos in public. If we smell pizza, we don’t feel bad asking for a slice which pressures the person to share the food with a frown.

Questions: In class, you can ask whatever you want basically and get away with it. Even the people who ask 100 questions a lecture don’t get hated on by your professor because they just look at those people as “newbies”… Just like kids.

All-Day Pasta Sauce: Given the loans and empty bank accounts, pasta is a college student’s best option. So it is very possible to find sauce stains on every clothing item, since everyone waits until holidays to take their laundry home.

Cooties: It can be just allergies or excessive use of blackpepper but if you sneeze once there is a chance that people may treat you like you have the spanish flu. Don’t even mention having mono when you were in grade school or something. College students are easily disgusted and do carry WebMD chips in their brains.

“Gifts”: In an adult world, it’s weird if you give a candy as a present; but in college, it means the world.

Frustration: Procrastination. Being bored out of your mind the night before your econ test and screaming “I love econ!” with your housemate at 3 AM. Trying to stand on your hands for no good reason. Anything that is not logical.

Bringing Toys from Home: Don’t try to hide it; you did bring your posters, fluffy blankets and even stuffed animals to college. I know. PS: Xbox is still a toy.

Making Animal Noises in Public: Class time classic.

24/7 Tag: Any attempt that you will do to spice up your life with your friends.

Early Exits: Half time break during a 3- hour night class. If you are falling asleep, no one can stop you

You gotta admit, it is pretty accurate.

Hope ya’ll had great Thanksgiving dinners.

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