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So the other day I was grabbing coffee at LJ’s when some dude mentioned that LJ’s, my little small town coffee shop where I had my first date with my boyfriend; had my first bowl of chili; first place I hung out at outside of the campus; my second home; my comfort zone is on Buzzfeed, in the article 24 US coffee shops to visit before you die as #2. Now as a loyal customer who once got free punches on my LJ’s card because they were playing TSwift and all the baristas were dancing to it, I am not surprised; in fact I think world would be a better place if everyone visited there once in their life time. Pretty sure if UN meetings were held there or Putin were to have a coffee date with Juncker, all would be well in the world.

I mean I remember one of them lipsyncing “Haters gonna hate hate hate” part at my face as he punched the card and burst into laughing because they were all dancing with TSwift moves, in their Portland hipster outfits. Before I knew it, all post- enlightenment- era philosophy- class- frustration was gone.

But it got me thinking, am I just really unaware that the stuff I consider as secret gems are not really all that secret? Did a research on recent articles where Hope College is mentioned, or not really mentioned at all but I totally know that it is related to the town or the school. Here is what I found:

1- “Ring Cam”, an invention that records the marriage proposals from inside the box was on abcnews… Needless to say, the inventors are Hope College grads.

2- After years of destroying Calvin at basketball, the one year that Calvin beat us grabbed NYTimes‘ attention. It’s okay, we are not bitter.

3- DeVos family, the people who gave our field-house the name “DeVos”, huge supporter of Hope College was featured in an article on Forbes. Well, Richard DeVos was but then again, he is the man who started everything so I think it counts.

4- Another shout out from Forbes, this time for our lovely town Holland! According to the magazine, we are one of the prettiest town in the US. Psh, I’m not surprised.

5- Business Insider was kind enough to acknowledge the Pull, THE oldest college tradition in the US as one of the best college traditions. Tell us something we don’t already know BI 🙂

6- In case you didn’t know, Sufjan Steven is a Hope College grad. The man walked in the same corridors, complained about the same profs as I did and even pulled allnighters at the same science center… Seems like he wrote for the same newspaper as I did and this Buzfeed article is here to prove that.

7- We are known for our science program; hence our science program grads. So no wonder this dude made it to Forbes’ 30 under 30: Science article. Even though Hope College is not mentioned, we know he was in that science center atrium, crying over his organic chemistry test and eating his sorrows with Goodtime Donuts.

8- It seems Huffington Post heard about out excellence in sciences and so decided to interview our Medical School advisor, Dr. Prokopow. Funny thing is, I can totally see her reaction when she received the call from the paper: “Uhm, maybe next week. I have to check on my Seniors this week.” I remember sitting in her office for hours, trying to figure out my 4- year plan. Here and there I still see her on campus and somehow leave the conversation thinking about going into Public Health… That lady has magic powers.

This is all for now! These are the ones I could find right out the bat, I am sure there are many others that I missed. Like article #7, some don’t even mention Hope but we know that our grads are out there, doing wonders. So to all the newspapers who don’t mention the real source:


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