How to make it to class in 5 minutes


Everytime i wake up for my morning class…
So I love Pinterest, more than life itself. There is a lot of stuff that addresses “how to” questions and some of them actually are practical. If you can’t tell, practicality is very important to me. Even in our small household that includes 5 people, 2 rooms, a kitchen and a living roomy (it’s so tiny that I think it deserves a cute “y” at the end), I am considered the “dad” and practicality is not the only characteristic that makes me look like the dad. Whenever we are out shopping for decorations or something, I put my grumpy cat face on and always question my housemates, especially Em and Maddie who work very hard to make the place a home. You know that huffy puffy sounds your dad makes when your mom is trying to pick a cute vase for the living room and he just asks “Do we really need this?”, “We have a zillion vases at home, why are we getting a new one?”, “Can we just go back? Tigers game is about to be on.”

Yeah, that’s me.

Naturally, I don’t necessarily take a lot of time to get ready for class. My make up involves (on a good day) concealer and eyeliner, when my clothing involves jeans and a shirt with a cardigan. Over-simplified. I am aware.

But this skill comes handy when you wake up at 9:25 for your 9:30 class, which you have to take a quiz in.

This happened to me today and I still made it on time. How? Here is how in 5 steps:

1- Always have a go- to stack of clothing on your desk or by your bed.
To make it weather appropriate, I always have 2 shirts, a light cardigan and a heavy cardigan a pair of jeans, a scarf. Don’t worry if they match, if it is a 9:30 class on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, during the Chapel break you can always go back home to change.

2- Do not look into the mirror.
If you see yourself in that condition, you will want to take your time to look more of a human. Don’t do it, you will miss the class because of that.

3- Don’t check your phone.
There might be something important, of course but then again, you can’t afford a distraction right now. You have to be in class within 2 minutes and it’s at least a 2- minute walk away.

4- Do not, I repeat, do not move quickly.
You will probably find yourself panicking as you’re hysterically looking for your calculus book. That will only delay you more because you will get into the vicious cycle of panicking which causes you to be late, which causes more panic.
5- Always keep your keys at one spot.
Most people lose time looking for their keys. It is always easier if you know where they are it will be easier for you to just grab them and turn into Flo- Jo to make it to class.

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