Here we go again…

Hi people basically from ALL around the world!

Most of you know me as “the” Turkish girl on campus or the sassiest person at the Phelps building.

So this is me
So this is me

For the ones who don’t know me that well or who haven’t met me yet, I will just throw some interesting facts about myself, so you can skim through them.

• I am currently a Political Science major and hoping to get a minor in Women’s Studies. Last year I was a pre-med (like half of the freshman class), but then I have just decided that there are other ways to help people without sacrificing my trashy Netflix time.
• I speak multiple languages but my favorite of all is Sarcasm and I’m really fluent in it.
• My parents are both Turkish but I was born in the US and have been raised in Turkey. (Dual citizens, if you have any questions about the admission process — I had plenty of them — you can contact me)
• This is very original of me, but as an international student I was a Phelps Scholar last year. (I told you that I was sarcastic)
• Last but not the least, Hope is not the first school I have ever applied to. When I was 8 years old, I have applied to “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” I also had a backpack ready in my closet, in case if Rubeus Hagrid would just showed up at the door one day. Sad days. (This explains my geeky Harry Potter references)

As you can imagine, I was in your shoes just a couple of years ago. My research skills are pretty good (a skill I developed over the years with stalking people on Facebook), so I have decided to have “Research Marathons” with my two best friends. We’d just sit down in our pajamas, eat Ben & Jerry’s and make school lists with collecting information from various sources like books, the internet, student blogs and etc. While I did that, I paid extra attention to the “headlines” of the schools. Here are just of a few the headlines of Hope College that sort of wooed me:

• “The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index has named the Holland, Michigan area as the #2 happiest place to live in America.” — No guys, this doesn’t mean that this place is a boring retirement town. It actually means that Holland is a safe neighborhood with lots of fun activities and friendly people.
• “The Van Wylen Library at Hope College has received a 2011 Citation of Excellence from the Library of Michigan Foundation.” — Research, guys, research! College is all about research and the library is a huge help.
• “Nursing Graduates Earn Perfect Pass Rate” — Hope College is known for its excellent science programs. If you can’t tell, Nursing is just one of them.
• “Major Grant Funds Arts and Humanities Research Program” — For the ones who are planning on going to graduate school, this is something you may want to pay attention to.
• “Hundreds of Students Participated in the college’s ‘Time To Serve’ Event” — At Hope College, sharing is not just a concept; it is a lifestyle.
• “The Vande Poel-Heeringa Tennis Stadium Complex facility is one of 19 winners from the 32nd annual United States Tennis Association Facility Award program that recognized excellence in the construction and/or renovation of tennis facilities throughout the country.” — We don’t only like sports, but we also invest in them.
• “The teacher-education program at Hope College has again received an ‘Exemplary’ ranking from Michigan’s Department of Education.” You see, we really do value education.

So, you guys, enough about Hope College and me! What are your interesting facts? Where do you see yourself? Who are you? These are some important questions you may want to start asking yourself before you get to college.

I heard that 2013-2014 First Year Applications are going to be released soon, good luck to you all!
See ya soon,

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