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Today, I’d like to dedicate my blog post to the Art Department at Hope College because I am very impressed with what they have done to me.

So, you know, we all had this one friend at school, who would look at Botticelli’s “Venus” painting and scream “NAKEY!” followed by an imputed smile on his face. I said “he” because it’s usually a guy, however, at my school that person was me.

Imagine how embarrassing it was for my parents who are both Fine Arts professors.

Anyways, two weeks ago I was talking to one of my friends and she asked me if I was going to go on the Chicago Art Institute trip, which I had no idea at the time. Apparently, school planned this trip for high-level French and Art History students to take them to Art Institute of Chicago for “Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity” exhibition.

Doesn't it look so fancy and important?
Doesn’t it look so fancy and important?

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t dying to go there but I had to write two museum papers for the semester anyways, therefore I thought why not.

So, I found myself standing at the flagpole at 8 AM, hungry, grumpy and waiting for the bus. Two hours later, I get off the bus and decided that it wasn’t so bad. Within the 30 minutes, I fell in love with Impressionist ‘Parisienne’ fashion, forgot about shopping at Michigan Avenue and didn’t even realize until later that I was taking notes like crazy for my own pleasure.

The week before that I had to attend a workshop that Charles S. Anderson was a part of. At the DePree Art Center, the Art Department was hosting an exhibition for a French paper company and he was the one who made the designs. Apparently, he is also world famous for his work and some may even describe him as “Andy Warhol” of modernism because his work is focused on popular culture. Attendance was mandatory for Art History students, however, we didn’t have to stay the whole time but I did anyways, because I thought it was so interesting and fun.

So, yeah, I got to see a world famous designer and listen to his success story from him. How cool is that?

Not to mention that I went to this workshop about reading, writing and disegno in the Renaissance lectured by Evelyn Lincoln from Brown University.

Yes, this all happened within the month.

And yes, we casually host Ivy League school lecturers, no biggie.

Actually it was last year that I went to a workshop on Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases that were given by a professor from Weill Cornell Medical School.

Maybe I am still not stunned by the art work I’ve seen so far, but I sure am amazed by what Art Department at Hope College done with me and that’s more than enough.

Side note: I was an IB Visual Arts student back in high school and still didn’t really appreciate art. #sorrynotsorry

Have a fabulous day,

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