5 ways your life becomes “Friends” in college

Hey guys,

I deal with this dilemma daily.. So I go to my housemates for advice

So as we hung our stockings on our apartment wall in the living room, I just turned around to take a good look at the place. There is a Christmas tree, a bunch of DVDs, school stuff on the table, a diffuser, creams and pink things scattered around with a bunch of blankets everywhere…

When I look at us, I kind of remember the TV show Friends minus having a baby together, if we are not counting the plants next to our window. Because if we are counting them, we kind of have 6 kids.

Living with these 4 awesome ladies taught me a lot this semester. I, once again, learned to appreciate girl power, having someone else’s back in any situation or just cleaning up after myself after baking…

You may think it’s not a biggie but you get to live with only so many people in your life; your parents, significant other and college housemates. From my experience living with friends is the most fun and experience wise, the most rewarding one. Here are a few things I learned from Friends and understood what it meant while living with a few of my closest friends…

  1. You’ll always come back to spend time with the same people for months because you will always come back to them for advice: Every member of this apartment gets a veto vote. As we are respectful of eachothers’ lives, we also respect that if one does not approve a boy, the boy can get vetod. If one of us is taking a quiz, we all try to help that person. Like Dumas said, it is a “All for one, one for all” situation; because we live together and are a family.
  2. Enjoying holidays can be done at any age: Friendsgiving, Halloween, last day of classes (it’s a holiday in our apartment)… Can’t wait until Valentine’s Day.
  3. When you find somewhere you like, you will never leave: If you want to study at that poof chair in the corner, you better not leave that spot, not even for a bathroom break. One of your housemates will take that hot spot.
  4. You can nest: Even if it’s a tiny apartment in Upper West Side or a cold college apartment; with good taste and help of your friends (and a few crafty all-nighters your housemates pull) you can make a home out of any place.
  5. Maybe you will be fighting but if anyone tries to hurt your housemate, you will get filled with a great passion to destroy that person’s life: We might not be in a good place, but hey, she is my friend and you are no bueno. So, bye.

Hope you get lucky enough to live with such a “funky bunch” too.

See ya’ll later.

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