Studying 101

Well I am now back at school hitting the books. So far my classes are going well. It feels weird studying after three weeks of break. My brain needs some time to adjust to actually sitting and reading for hours straight. Thankfully, I am learning quickly that I need to stay on top of my homework. I am hoping to get all A’s this semester. Hopefully I will be able to perform at my best and work hard in all of my classes.

 Some of studying techniques in college consist of:

  • making flash cards
  • reviewing notes right after class
  • reading the chapter before class
  • making an outline
  • doing problems in the chapter as you read
  • revisiting the material multiple times before the test
  • proof read all work
  • redo practice problems in the homework assignments
  • studying with others
  • teach others about the material
  • start studying early

some study traps:

  • cramming the night before tests
  • trying to read when distracted (TV, music, people)
  • reading over your notes when the answer is in front of you (cover the answers)
  • not sleeping enough before a test
  • skipping breakfast & exercise
  • not taking study breaks (study in 20 minute bursts with short break in between sessions)

 helpful hints in the classroom

  • sit towards the front
  • print off teacher lecture notes BEFORE class
  • come prepared with all your materials
  • hide your phone in your backpack to resist temptation
  • avoid looking at the clock
  • write down more notes than you think you should write down
  • do not sit by someone you think will distract you (this includes cute boys)

Well I definitely need to practice these studying techniques, and I hope this will help you all when you are one day in college. I better get going so I can study now. Have a great weekend!

Grace reading at Starbucks

My desk with study materials

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My name is Colleen and I'm from Springfield, IL and am a Senior this year! I am studying International Business and Spanish. I have been involved with a variety of groups and activities on campus such as: Business Club, Student Alumni Leadership Council, Volunteer Services Committee, Student Congress, Mortar Board, Intramurals, HEI, Dance Marathon, and other activities. I love Hope College and the people here! So blessed to be living in Holland and attending Hope :]

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